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Asin Thottumkal family, childhood photos

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Family members

Father Joseph Thottumkal
Mother Seline Thottumkal

Short biography

Asin Thottumkal was born on 26th Oct 1985 in Cochin to Joseph Thottumkal and Seline Thottumkal. She went to Naval Public School, Kochi. After her X board exams her parents thought she would be joining science and take civil service exams. To everyone’s surprise she took Humanities and attended St. Teresa’s School, Kochi, she has a Bachelors degree in English Literature. She loves to learn new languages constantly and can easily speak several languages including Malayalam, Hindi, French, English, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, Italian, Marathi, German, Spanish etc. She made her acting debut with Malayalam film Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka in 2001 when she was just 15.

Asin Thottumkal family members, childhood and photos


Asin Thottumkal was born to Joseph Thottumkal and Seline Thottumkal. Joseph Thottumkal is a businessman from Thodupuzha. Her father Joseph wanted to name her Mary but later he found the name Asin more meaningful and beautiful. Asin means “pure and without blemish”.

Asin Thottumkal family photos father Joseph Thottumkal


Asin’s mother Seline Thottumkal is a surgeon. She helps her daughter with the script and stories.

Asin Thottumkal family photos mother Seline Thottumkal 1

Rare family photos

Asin Thottumkal family photos mother Seline Thottumkal

Asin Thottumkal family photos 2a

Asin Thottumkal family photos 4

Asin Thottumkal family photos 1 Asin Thottumkal family photos 2

Childhood pictures

asin thottumkal childhood photos 6

asin thottumkal childhood photos 1

asin thottumkal childhood photos 5asin thottumkal childhood photos 4

asin thottumkal childhood photos 3   asin thottumkal childhood photos 7 asin thottumkal childhood photos 8 asin thottumkal childhood photos 10 asin thottumkal childhood photos 11 asin thottumkal childhood photos 12

asin thottumkal childhood photos 14

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